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We Help Your Business Restore From Flood Damage

Flood Damage to your commercial building feels like a catastrophe regardless of how much there actually is. Unfortunately, water damage can happen at any time due to wear and tear on pipes and other factors. The number one priority is getting someone out there quickly in order to minimize the damage, and keep your business running.

At First Response Restoration, we understand that you have taken the necessary steps to keep your building well-maintained. However, sometimes water damage can happen despite your best efforts. Water can be incredibly devastating, saturating walls, insulation, floors and even furniture. Water migrates downward, so if a pipe breaks on the top floor, every floor below will be affected.

We work quickly to respond because studies show that the first 24-48 hours are essential in extracting any standing water. After that, the environment tends to breed mold and other hazardous microbes causing a potentially hazardous environment.

What can cause flood damage?

First Response Restoration provides fast and efficient flood damage services for your commercial building. We are a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week establishment. Our team of technicians are fully certified by the IICRC, and our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Once a call is placed, our guys will arrive as soon as possible, with the tools and equipment needed to start the extraction process. We also keep in constant communication with your insurance company- handing the process from start to finish so you can focus on doing what you do best- running your business.

First Response’s Water Damage Restoration Process for Commercial Buildings

  • First Response Restoration’s IICRC certified technicians will arrive to your site.
  • First Response Restoration’s technicians will analyze the damage, and record the proper metrics to report to your insurance company.
  • Identify the Category of Water
  • Establish a drying plan that meets the need of the affected area.
  • Extract any standing water to remove excess
  • Start on drying the environment using large air dehumidifiers, air movers and air scrubbers. These units will extract moisture out of the air and return the affected area to pre-damage conditions.
  • Daily Reports are taken and placed in a report to the insurance company
  • Damaged Fibrous materials (carpet, textiles, etc) are replaced

Upon completion, contents are returned to your facility and full restoration work is signed off.

First Response Restoration’s Commitment to Service:

A fast response time for your commercial flood damage case is one thing we pride ourselves with. We are well aware that the longer it takes, the worse things get. We run 24/7, and if you place a call with us, we do what we can to immediately dispatch a technician.

  • Professional technicians – Exactly the type of people you would want there to help determine the problem and a repair method for it. Our technicians are well trained, experienced and certified.
  • Accurate Assessments – No matter what caused the flooding, our technicians are trained to quickly find out the cause of the problem and provide all the information needed so an informed decision can be made.
  • Quick Repairs – Once the drying plan and repair assessment is complete, our technicians get to work immediately. We are well aware that time is of the essence and that your insurance company needs to see progress. At First Response Restoration, we start quickly and monitor the project on a daily basis.
  • IICRC certified technicians – ALL our technicians are certified. Anything else is considered as unacceptable by our standards. We wouldn’t want something less than a proven professional with credentials working for us. We’d already expect you would want the same.
  • Top of the line equipment – We provide all the latest and greatest tools for the job to all our technicians. In short, we come prepared. Our trucks are equipped with high tech equipment, air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, moisture monitors and water extraction tools to handle your commercial flood damage.

First Response Restoration provides reconstruction services in addition to flood damage for your commercial property. Sometimes, we cannot save the building materials. We will ensure that the affected area of your business looks as good as it did before the flooding incident.

If you are facing a commercial flood damage situation or carpet water damage , call First Response Restoration. We are fully certified by the IICRC and available 24/7.

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