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First Response Restoration Provides Trauma Scene Cleanup

If you or your loved one has been involved with a traumatic event that requires clean up, First Response Restoration is equipped with the necessary skills to help. No one wants to find out that their loved one has passed away, and if they died in the home, there are specific regulations that need to be followed to address the clean-up.

First Response Restoration is fully insured, licensed and bonded to handle your clean-up, and has received a full series of training in Trauma Scene Cleanup. You have a lot you are dealing with at this point- hire the professionals who can handle the clean-up with the respect and dignity your loved one deserves.

Sometimes you do not always see all of the bio-contamination. It is essential that every trace be removed as quickly as possible. Our technicians all receive special training to handle any environment and

are also trained to handle the re-build after the cleanup.

trauma scene cleanup

It is essential to speak with a certified and trained bio-remediation professional before ever trying to handle a Trauma Scene cleanup yourself. Our technicians are on call 24/7 and can immediately head your way if you give us a call. We understand that time is of the essence and we will make sure to get on-site as soon as possible to start the bio-hazard cleanup for you.

First Response Restoration has great relationships with many of the insurance companies. Many times, we are able to bill your insurance company directly. At that point, our clients are only responsible for their deductible. We do what we can to help the process go smoothly from start to finish. In cases where insurance does not cover the services, we are able to work with each client to fit their particular need and budget.

Trauma Scene Clean up applies to biohazard cleanups such as bodily fluids, blood and tissue, hazardous material disposal and chemical decontamination. Common examples include:

  • Suicide decontamination and clean up.
  • Homicide clean up and decontamination
  • Meth lab decontamination and clean up
  • Airborne pathogen and blood removal
  • Cleanup of Prison Cells
  • Microbial site decontamination, and virus cleanup
  • Bodily fluids decontamination and cleanup
  • Crime scene cleanup, addressing chemicals such as tear gas, etc

First Response Restoration understands that these situations are emotional times, and are trained to provide high-quality services while remaining respectful to your needs. Regardless of the situation, our technicians will handle the job quickly and effectively, leaving you the time needed to deal with what matters most.

Full Service Restoration- Rebuilding your life

After you call First Response Restoration, your job is done. We will arrive quickly with all of the proper cleaning supplies, decontamination, and protection gear. During the cleaning process, our technicians will be extremely thorough, addressing areas that are not seen by the naked eye. Many times fluids migrate in areas you would not expect. Our team is trained to identify and find those areas.

Once the area is cleaned, proper removal of contaminated materials is essential. Many of these materials need to take special consideration to EPA regulations and laws for disposal of bio-hazardous materials.

In a few cases, there is damage beyond clean-up and certain areas need to be restored. When you choose First Response Restoration, we can do it all.

Services we provide:

  • Replace and Repair of Drywall
  • Replace or Repair of subfloor
  • Damaged Wall replacement
  • Flooring replacement and drying
  • Replacement of windows
  • Site check of plumbing, HVAC systems and electrical systems

First Response Restoration is fully trained and IICRC certified to meet your Trauma and bio-remediation needs. We are fully up to date on required regulations and requirements when handling a bio-remediation project.

State and Federal Regulations

Every state has their own individual regulations through their Health Department. In addition, each governing agency has their own set of guidelines when handling a Trauma Scene Cleanup project. Those agencies are the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). That being said, it is essential to find a company that is fully certified by the IICRC, understands each regulation and follows the strict guidelines.

Only technicians that hold IICRC’s Blood bourne Pathogen Certification can conduct the remediation according to these regulations. These trained technicians learn about the proper way to handle the cleanup, learn the dangers they could be exposed to, and how to properly use cleaning and personal protection equipment. In addition, they learn which regulations must be met in each specific situation.

This certification can give you the peace of mind that your cleanup will be conducted in the most respectful way possible. Your Trauma Scene Cleanup will be conducted quickly, in a safe and respectful manner.

We also provide crime scene cleaning services and other like fire damage and water damage restoration.

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold Remediation
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Severe Odor Deodorizing
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Board Up Service
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Water Removal
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