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Puff Back Cleaning

puff back damage on wallProperty owners are typically unaware of the effects of poor HVAC maintenance over the years. Especially for oil-fired heating systems, malfunctions can occur when not properly cleaned over a certain period of time. When a puff back occurs, an explosion happens inside the burner chamber; causing a loud noise followed by soot, grease, and particulate to infiltrate through your property. For centralized heating systems, in just a short period of time, this greasy soot can cover every wall, fabric, and fixture in your property, and begin causing damage beyond the initial contact.

First Response Restoration is fully certified by the IICRC and understands the best way to clean any puff back situation. Many of these situations can be rectified if you immediately call a professional to address your unique situation. Many times, we will arrive at a property where the client initially attempted to conduct the clean-up themselves. More often than not, we found that the client does more damage than if they simply were to give us a call.

Servicing the Tri-City area, we are available 24/7/365, you can give First Response Restoration a call at any time. We will send out a technician to your home as soon as possible to evaluate the problem and propose a solution.

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puff back damage near a vent

Puff Back Causes

There are several reasons why a furnace puff back can occur, and most commonly they point to an inaccurate burning of the oil. If unburned oil is present during an on or off cycle of the heating system, build-up can occur, leading to an explosion most commonly known as a puff-back.

Leaks: System leaks that can be visible is a leading cause of Puff-back situations since air bubbles can get into the line to the burner chamber. These air bubbles cause the oil to burn unevenly; leaving un-burned oil as a result. When a certain amount of oil accumulates, and explosion can occur.

Shut down issues: When problems exist in the oil-burner shut down process, these issues can give raise to a hazardous puff-back situation. This can cause an inefficient oil combustion process, leaving unburned oil in the burner chamber.

Presence of dirt and debris at the shut-down valve can also pose certain risks, and contaminate the unburned oil within the system.

Installation problems: Improper chimney and heating installation issues can give raise to improper oil chamber combustion. Examples would include improperly sized chimneys leading to inadequate draft issues, or inefficient heating economy. In both cases, oil residue from improper combustion can occur, leading to a puff-back scenario.

Puff Back Prevention

puff back damage on ceilingThe best way to prevent your property from experiencing damaging clouds of soot, debris and grease is to make sure your units are properly maintained. Regular HVAC maintenance will identify any issues that arise, and technicians will be able to note any suspicious leaks and improper functioning of the unit.

Check the flue vent connector (stack pipe) for any debris. Usually, you can see debris, soot, and rust flakes through the opening in the barometric damper. Debris in the flue vent connector indicates that the heating system needs cleaning and servicing.

Ask the service technician to go beyond superficial cleaning and simple oil filter and nozzle changes. Have them open the equipment so they can conduct a more thorough inspection and cleaning.

For oil-fired equipment, make sure you have it cleaned in the spring, after the harsher winter months. Typically, the HVAC companies are a bit slower this time of year, and can take the time to adequately address your service issue.

In addition, stay aware of any leaks. Take note of any oil leaks on the oil piping system or the oil burner, as oil leaks can also mean air leaks. If you see something that looks odd, or out of the ordinary, have a professional take a look to evaluate. Make sure to mention these problems to your technician. They are likely to have diagnostic tools and techniques that are helpful in zeroing in on the leak and providing a permanent fix.

Take Immediate Action- Call First Response Restoration Today

puff back damage on doorsIf you have experienced an infiltration of large amounts of soot, soil and particulate covering the surfaces of your home, then you need to call the professionals. Certified by the IICRC, we are fully trained to handle any puff back situation you face and have the tools necessary to properly execute the job. Our goal is to leave your property looking as close to new as possible. The sooner you give us a call, the less damage you will experience over the long term.

Equipped with a team of experienced technicians, combined with 24 hour service, 100% commitment to satisfaction and quality relationships with insurance adjusters, First Response Restoration has the foundation required for any project we may face: fire damage, puff-back situations, mold remediation, water damage ant others. When it comes to your puff-back situation, there is no time to waste. The quicker you address the situation, the greater chance you have of restoring your property completely.

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