Odor Neutralizer Services From First Response Restoration

First Response Restoration technicians are fully trained to find the root cause of offensive odors and then eliminate them. Offensive odors can come from a variety of sources, both inside the home and even outside the home. Our technicians understand that it requires much more than masking the odor- that you actually need to neutralize the odor in order to fully address the issue.

Our technicians have been through rigorous IICRC training classes to fully understand odors and the proper ways to remove them. We use environment-friendly methods to rid your home or business from offensive odors for good! This way, if you have small children or pets in the home, you can be assured that they will be safe.

Pet Odors- The number one cause of complaints

Face it, we love our animals. As much as we believe our dogs and cats never have accidents, it is a fact that when we aren’t looking, Spot or Fluffy may sneak a pee. If you catch it right away, it is not so bad. You can spray the area, wipe it up and you are on your way. However, if you are unaware, the likelihood of the pet urine seeping through your carpet and into the subfloor is extremely high. In addition, once it seeps into the subfloor, you have a bigger problem on your hands, and most likely will experience an odor problem.

Over-the-counter products that claim they will remove odors simply mask the smell. The fragrance lasts only so long and by the time it dissipates, you most likely have become desensitized to the smell. These products only work on a temporary basis.

We Provide Room Deodorizer For All Odors Cases

When you choose First Response Restoration, you can be assured that we will take a higher level approach to your issue. We focus on neutralizing the odor, not just covering it up. We use state-of the-art neutralizers to balance out the odor, which causes the odor to dissipate and be removed permanently. In situations where the subfloor or other building materials have been damaged, we can professionally clean those areas.

There are many types of odors, but at First Response Restoration, we can handle them all! Types of odors we can handle are as follows:

  • Pet Odors
  • Smoke Odors
  • Spoiled Food
  • Fish Odors
  • Cooking Odors
  • Medical Condition Odors
  • Vomit
  • Urine Odors

First Response Restoration’s Commitment to Service:

A fast response time to your severe odor deodorization project is one thing we pride ourselves with. We are well aware that the longer it takes, the worse things get. We run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and if you place a call with us, we do what we can to immediately dispatch a technician.

  • Professional technicians– Exactly the type of people you would want there to help determine the problem and a repair method for it. Our technicians are well trained, experienced and certified.
  • Accurate Assessments– No matter what caused the flooding, our technicians are trained to quickly find out the cause of the problem and provide all the information needed so an informed decision can be made.
  • Quick Repairs– Once the drying plan and repair assessment is complete, our technicians get to work immediately. We are well aware that time is of the essence and that your insurance company needs to see progress. At First Response Restoration, we start quickly and monitor the project on a daily basis.
  • IICRC certified technicians– ALL our technicians are certified. Anything else is considered as unacceptable by our standards. We wouldn’t want something less than a proven professional with credentials working for us. We’d already expect you would want the same.
  • Top of the line equipment. We provide all the latest and greatest tools for your odor deodorization case to all our technicians. In short, we come prepared. Our trucks are equipped with all of the proper tools, cleaners and sanitizing equipment to fully neutralize the odor present in your home or business.

First Response Restoration provides reconstruction services in addition to odor removal for your commercial or residential property. Sometimes, if the case is severe as in a hoarding case, there are certain building materials we will have to replace. We will ensure that the affected area looks as good as it did before the odors set in.

If you need smell removal services, call First Response Restoration. We are fully certified by the IICRC and available 24/7. We also provide other services like water damage restoration and trauma scene cleanup.


  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold Remediation
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Severe Odor Deodorizing
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Board Up Service
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Water Removal
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