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Are you looking for a mold inspection in Sea Cliff, NY? Look no further. We at First Response Restoration and Cleaning Inc., have professionally certified mold inspection specialists.

Our trained experts in Nassau County and around will evaluate your mold problem and recommend the best remediation solution for all your mold problems.

Overview On Mold, Mold Spores, And Mold Damage

Mold is a dark brown or black spots, which flourish in damp places. It is a fungus that spreads by releasing spores. Mold spores are present everywhere, in your home, office, or another place. They float into the air until they find a suitable surface to rest upon.

Mold spores are usually harmless in small quantities, i.e., below 10 square feet. But when they grow, they become hazardous and can cause enormous damage.

The mold damage can spread all around in your place if not controlled in time. Moist areas, such as bathrooms, leaky pipes, air conditioning ducts, HVAC systems, and water heaters promote mold growth.

It is always best to consult a professional mold inspection provider to prevent any health issues and get rid of mold problems in Nassau County.

Mold Inspection Tools & Techniques Used By Mold Specialists

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At First Response Restoration and Cleaning Inc., the mold inspector in Sea Cliff, NY usually begins with a visual or physical inspection of your home, office, etc., with the help of essential tools like flashlights a camera.

The inspector then uses advanced tools to check moisture in other office parts. Some of the specialty tools include:

1) Moisture Meters: This device helps to test the moisture content on different surfaces and materials like carpet, walls, flooring, water pipes, under the kitchen sink, etc

The moisture meter can quickly scan the object and provide instant measurement results. Based on the results, a specialist can suggest a treatment procedure.

2) Thermal Imaging: This specialized thermal imaging camera provides information about mold growth. This infrared camera shows thermal patterns created by moisture. The thermal camera can easily spot the difference between wet spots and building material.

The imaging camera will capture water damage in the walls, ceilings, HVAC systems, under the kitchen sink, around the vents, etc.

3) Moisture Mapping: This technique visually outlines the wet areas in your home or office premises that need to be dried out. It also shows areas that are not affected.

Specific instruments such as Invasive Moisture Meters, Thermo hygrometers, Infrared Cameras are used to map moisture in your premises.

4) Airborne Mold Testing: In this method, air samples are collected to determine mold spores inside the house or office.

The sample is collected using a pump that forces air through a device that catches mold spores which are further sent for analysis in a laboratory.

5) Surface Mold Testing: The most common and simplest testing method. The inspector in Sea Cliff, NY, collect samples from several places to determine the presence of molds. It is also helpful in determining if the infected area has been adequately remediated after the treatment process.

A specialist should conduct all mold inspections. The professionals from First Response Restoration and Cleaning Inc. follow strict sampling protocols and sampling methods. We have experienced specialists for the Interpretation of the testing results.

Why Do You Need To Hire First Response Restoration and Cleaning Inc. For Mold Inspection Services Near Me?

There are times when you can see visible molds. But at times, these molds are not visible. You can only smell a foul odor or have frequent health complaints of coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc. Therefore, one should hire mold inspection services regularly.

The mold inspector in Nassau County helps identify the problem area and to what extent the damage is done. At First Response Restoration and Cleaning Inc., we have professionally trained mold inspection specialists. Our specialists follow a strict process of inspecting the entire property testing and suggest a remediation process accordingly. Call us 516-541-0500 for mole inspection, mole testing, and mole remediation.

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